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Serious questions.

Am I allowed to tell a girl she’s beautiful or that I like her outfit? Or is that considered an objectification of women. I’m not really sure anymore. Wouldn’t that come off as I’m only acknowledging her appearance and not her as a person. Should we (us guys) stop complimenting on physical appearance in general?

Also would it be sexist to use/own an iPhone 6 when a girl is around. I know a lot of women agree the new iPhone is sexist because of it’s size. Does that also apply to similar size phones like the Galaxy S5? Would that also mean if a girl owns an iPhone 6 or similar size phone she doesn’t support/acknowledge gender equality? 

I’m not even kidding bruh, I can’t really tell anymore.

edit* Just realized, the women at Foxconn probably do not make as much as the men (probably true for most factories in China tbh). Does that mean people who own apple products or any product from a Chinese factory support gender inequality? Damn…